thanks, ingrid

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I don't know if any of you remember Ingrid Michaelson, but on Monday night, I went to go see her at the Egg in Albany. I didn't take any videos, but I found these not-very-good-quality-that-doesn't-do-justice-to-the-live-show clips form the performance on YouTube. 

Needless to say, even shown in these bad quality videos, she was incredible. There was something amazing about seeing my favorite artist, my idol, perform live, something nerve wracking and exciting and blissful. I wondered, and wrung my hands and hoped and wondered some more, but I had no idea what she would be like on stage. She was everything I expected her to be—funny, quirky, beautiful, and so talented I thought my cheeks would crack from smiling. I was pretty happy, if you get the picture. :)—and then, she was even more. She was hilarious, and spontaneous, completely comfortable on stage, and such an amazing performer, songwriter, and artist that it just blew me away. I sang along to every lyric, danced to every song, screamed and clapped and cheered. I feel different now, more alive, I think. 

I know this is cliché, but sometimes life is full of clichés, and going to that show changed me for the better. Watching my idol, the person I want to be just like someday, perform, gave me an entire world that I never saw before, an opportunity to just be in the moment and happy and, for a second, live my dream. 

Thanks, Ingrid. 

 Now, how about there anyone out there reading? What experience recently changed you for the better? How? Okay, I sound like an English teacher. You don't have to answer it. Just be happy that whatever happened happened.

Oh, and also, feel free to sing Kumbaya. Or Ghost. :)


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