Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poetry is…

the perfect little sphere
or Earth
we call home.

the opening and closing of our mouth
to form the words
we say
and speak
and write.

what keeps me here
and grounds me
but lets me fly away
simply in my imagination.

stars, twinkling in
the night sky
promising worlds
and inspiring me
to write
what they say.

a sleeping cat
its eyes closed
its body relaxed
but somehow alert
and ready to awaken
at the slightest touch.

what we don’t know
and what we always will
be able to learn.

the flight of a bird
stretching its wings
just taking off 
for the first time.

something new
and different
yet ingrained
within her.

a new book
its pages shiny and crisp
and smelling like words
and love and tears
and all the raw emotion
woven into every page
every binding.

every word                                                    
all the chaos
and attention
and respect
and love
it takes to write.

the breath
fading away
fading away
fading away.

a paper crane
with the utmost precision
a message written
in every crease
and a wish
to fold a thousand
a wish
to come true.

Poetry isn’t…

what it isn’t
and this
we all know
is true.

the thing we
expect it to be
as it weaves
in and out
of who we are.

a thing that can be described
like we study
on other things.

something that can be understood
it is meant
to be misunderstood
to fit
the reader’s

what is easily read
or spoken
or written
and so it makes
the powerful imprint
on us
that it does.

something to fear
for some odd reason
we do
we may write it
speak it
know it
say we are not afraid
but we are
because poetry
is the deepest truth
we can find.

what we think it is
because we know
that the only reason
poetry effects us
is because
it is
and isn’t


TheatreKid :) said...

oh hey.

nice new blog.
you're cool.

oh and amazing poems, of course.

like always.

come visit me again?
oh and check your email and reply to me, deary.



TheatreKid :) said...

oh, and your hearts are messed up.

Maia said...

yes i know. but only metaphorically. :)

oh, and, nice picture.

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