human again

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Currently listening to: Human Again by Ingrid Michaelson

Over and over, I play Human Again on repeat wherever and whenever I can listen to music. I find myself constantly skipping other songs that come up on my iPod, just so I can listen to Ingrid Michaelson's new album. The whole thing is more raw and real than anything she's written before, and more so than most of the music out there today. Her voice has a delicate power to it, something I never really noticed before listening to these songs. Ingrid really comes through, not as a performer or an artist or a singer, but as a person, down to the bare bones. Every lyric is raw and open, and the vocal scores and instrumentals soar, but not in a forced, artificial way at all.

In Human Again, in every single song, Ingrid writes to the music of the heart, and it shows. I thought her voice was beautiful, thought her songwriting was incredible, but I was wrong. It's better. It's enough to make me a ghost, then human again.

Sorry for the short post today...I spent the afternoon, well, listening to this and playing it on the piano. More to come Saturday.


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