Thursday, April 19, 2012

We don't treasure life enough. 
We are too busy caught up in the world, in everything we are and aren't, in everything that as anything to do with us. 
We live a no-stop, all-go life. 
We live like there's no tomorrow, but like we want there to be no tomorrow, not taking each moment to love and laugh. 
We think we take the time to say hello, but we don't—not really. 
And whatever happened to goodbye?
We walked too far down the road of humanity and left goodbye stranded in the dust. 
We forgot to say goodbye to goodbye,
Say Goodbye
is a pathway of goodbyes—
too many goodbyes
to count,
said in an offhand way
(not really meaning it),
forgetting a goodnight
or see you later
and choosing not to correct your mistake.
after all,
they’ll be here in the morning.
And when no one wakes up
and the dark is filled with so many stars
it is day,
what will you say then?
When all the daisies have been pushed
and pulled
so far
that they are no longer growing
in the gardens
of every
gingerbread house,
what will you do?
Will you cry
or will you blame yourself?
Every day is our last
if we treat it like one,
if we say goodbye
and take the time to remember
how close
and far apart
all of us are,
so that when those little goodbyes—
or the absence of goodbyes,
which hurt so much more—
come along,
we are ready,
ready to say
and are only just realizing again how to say hello.


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